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Membership Information - 

An annual membership of £10 needs to be paid in cash on your first visit  and you will need to pre-book your visits via our booking platform. We only accept couples for a couples membership if they are in long term, committed relationships; fuck buddies/friends with benefits cannot take a couples membership. Please go to the What's On page for links.  Our memberships will be fully electronic going forward as we are trying to reduce our plastic and become more sustainable. You will be asked to record a thumbprint on our thumbprint reader and this will confirm who you are on future visits with no need to keep a card or bring ID.  You will need to bring full ID to do this and and the accepted ID is on the Useful Info page. Please note, we are not issuing new single guy memberships at present

Our Covid policy is on the What's on page and the News page. Please read this to avod being turned away on arrival. 


Couples, Ladies and TGirls:                                    

We welcome new members all of the time to Townhouse and now have the fastest growing membership in Townhouse history! The good word is obviously getting around!!

What you need to do

Discuss/think about boundaries before your visit

Read our blog for new swingers HERE 

Pre-book your tickets for your chosen visit

Aim to arrive before 9.30pm on your first visit

Bring full ID and your £10 CASH for you bar tab deposit and for your membership fee  

Bring something to dress down into - Dress down ideas are HERE

On arrival 

We will check your ID and get you loaded onto our database

We will take your £10 membership fee and record this on our system for auto renewal

We will take your deposit and give you a locker key/bar tab number 

We will show you around and get you settled in 

During the night

Chat, mingle, relax in the hot tub/sauna, soak up the vibe and people watch

You may be asked to can say no of course.

You may not be asked to play; this doesn't stop you watching others! 

You will be asked to dress down if you want to go upstairs after 11pm 

Try not to drink too much; you want to be in control of your decisions! 



Single Guys CLICK HERE         


Wet Area
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The 'Caves' and Bunks

Fetish/BDSM Night 'Radical Desire events'


To attend these events you need a membership, which you can sort out on the night, just bring some ID with you; single guys will receive a fetish only membership and this cannot be used on swinging nights.

We charge a flat fee of £10 per person (plus membership fee on first visit). Please recognise the dress code of all dark clothing/ alternative wear or fetish wear if you would like to attend this fabulous event!



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