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Did you enjoy your visit and just had to share it? Do you have any suggestions for improving our club or events? Do you often think, 'If I had the club, I would do.....'? Does something really bother you about the club and you just have to tell us?   

Well now is your chance to tell us! All suggestions will be read and considered, but I can't promise they will be implemented depending on feasibility and funds! 

Just so you know, our refurb is still in progress with the ladies loo, smoking area, landings and middle floor bathroom next on our list. So if your suggestion is to decorate and update these areas, we're on it!!! 

Ok so here is the link to our feedback form which you can fill in with your suggestions and/or feedback  CLICK HERE 


Review left on Fabswingers by tynecpl (New Couple) 

This was our first visit to Townhouse as we attended the photography afternoon and then the last ever Rawnch event, we have to say the club is fantastic. There are plenty of rooms which are well thought out and presented, the staff were brilliant, gave us a tour of the club and really made us feel welcome whilst the atmosphere on the night was warm and friendly. As we said this was our first visit but it certainly will not be our last. 

Date: 4 June 2019

 Review left on Fabswingers by Allons-y (Single Female)

Absolutely love Townhouse but the amazing, inclusive, ladies "Indulgence" event was epic. I missed some of the entertainment but the bellydancer was amazing and the top floor rooms were so full they spilled into the corridor, just incredible!

Date: 4 June 2019

Review left on Fabswingers by MissDreavus (New Single Female) 

My first attendance at Milf Monday and had a fabulous time, as a single girl attending I was very well looked after by the lovely Morticia and Vicky, professionally run, staff available at any time couldn't of felt safer. Chatted to some great people, had a lovely. Highly recommended for a single girl.

Date: 3 June 2019


Review left via Fabswingers by CharlieandJune

We had an incredible night at allure.
The club is wonderful. Clean and absolutely massive! Plenty to cover everyone's tastes!
The staff were the real highpoint and made us feel comfortable and at ease. The lady behind the bar was so funny and we had a great time.
Thank you for everything!

Date: 29 May 2019

Review left via Fabswingers by Straight4u on 30th May 2018 (new single guy) 

Attended the recent Harlots night there and what a night it was, gutted i didnt stay until the end, sounds like i missed out on one hell of a finish!!
Jimmy, Vicky and Charlotte were great hosts, and the other staff were also great helps. The club itself was very clean and well looked after.
Would 100% visit this club again.
Thanks again for a great night all and see you next time!!

Review left via Fab Swingers by MrSuperHands on 24th May 2018 (new single guy)

Visited TownHouse for Buxom Babes last week and had a really great time...
It was my first experience at a club, and can definitely say that everyone made me feel very welcome...
Morticia greeted me, showed me around, and put me at ease... then introduced me to a few people... and the rest of the night was really good!
Had a good time chatting to a few people in the hot tub to begin with, and then went off to have some fun!
I was really surprised at how friendly everyone was, and at how much attention new members were given so that they didn’t feel awkward...
Thanks again for a brilliant night..
Will be back again soon!

Review left via FabSwingers by Thaun on 19th May 2018 (established single male) 

I had the great pleasure in attending the Buxom Babes event this week.
Just another evening where it's simple to just say WOW, just WOW.
I know I have the advantage that I have been visiting clubs for a couple of years now and I have had the pleasure of attending this event, other similar ones (here and other clubs) and just a whole host of events in general over the years.
Honestly, I can't say enough about how great an evening this is / was.
So if you are (this applies to anyone), considering giving it a go to try out something new, step a little beyond your normal comfort levels but want to experience a welcoming event?
Stick your name down for the next one and give it a go.
As a lifestyle's club, it's really nice to see different events taking place that cater for specific interests and desires.
And like all good clubs around the country, everyone is always welcome at anytime to attend and enjoy.
But it was so much fun to attend Buxom Babes again.
And it was such a pleasure to be around so many gorgeous sexy ladies, dressed / undressed in an amazing collection of stunning outfits. Expressing themselves whilst if they wanted to, showcase their killer curves.
Such an amazing atmosphere, so much fun and laughter.
It was definitely a very sexy night and you could see how much people were enjoying themselves and each other.
Most importantly, people could just be themselves.
Attending any club event for the first time can bring along some concerns and nerves (this is normal)
But look to take that hard step of getting your name down for an event then stepping through the door.
As once you're in and relaxing in the bar with a load of like minded people.
You'll soon relax, chat and enjoy yourselves.
It' definitely something that I am looking forward to.
And roll on the next Buxom Babes in July.
Thanks to all the staff and the gorgeous hostess for another amazing evening.

Review left via Fabswingers by foxypair2008 on 14th May 2018 (established couple)

We visited Townhouse on Saturday 14th May and are so glad we did. Life had taken over and we had not been there for a considerable length of time. The improvements to the layout and decor are excellent and the club was as friendly and sociable as it always has been. It was brilliant to catch up with some old friends and meet new ones.
Vicky & Jim should be really proud of this fantastic club.

Review left via Fabswingers by BeauD on 30th April 2018 (new couple) 

Our first visit to the TownHouse and definitely not going to be our last.
What a fantastic place....we attended the James Bond theme night and were made to feel welcome as soon as we walked in....we met some really lovely people and enjoyed some hot fun. The club has such a friendly and relaxed vibe about it and there was no pressure at all to play. The staff were all so friendly and helpful, the playrooms were spotlessly clean and really inviting and everyone was there to just enjoy themselves.
Jim and Vicky are amazing hosts, both really friendly and work tirelessly throughout the night to make sure their guests are all comfortable. Already planning our next trip up there ?? Xxx


Review on Fab Swingers 28th April 2018 by MissSelective (single female)



Attended sexploits hosted by the beautiful Charlotte... An absolute amazing night filled with plenty fun both in and out the playrooms. As always I can’t fault any of the staff/management. They always aim to please and that’s exactly what they achieve.. By far my favourite club- it’s the added extras that make this place special- always thinking of their customers. Complementary condoms, cleaning aids to hand, the staff wandering to ensure bedding is clean and fresh with box standard cleanliness throughout the evening. Seriously this is the best place to go, relax and have fun with the best company around. I’m hoping to see more sexploits Charlotte as it’s one on my list I must attend regular lols 



Review on Fab Swingers 21st April 2018 by SherbertDip (single female)


I went to a private party at the Townhouse last night with a friend. It was my second visit but my friends first visit.
It's an outstanding clubs well worth a visit. Ignore the outside appearance its just camouflage.Once inside you'll find the exterior doesn't match the interior its a classy club that caters to swingers and both fetish people.The dungeon was very well equipped and the Sex swing was lots of fun.The rooms are clean and well maintained with condoms and wipes to hand.
The staff and management can't do enought to help you enjoy your night.
Already looking forward to my next visit.